This blog is aimed at making your exam preparations much much easier, not harder.

My  objective or dream is to minimize your stress level and help you make the best of your exam

preparations . I will help you know more about the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB)––the new UMTE . As an aspiring medical student, I am sure you know the importance of retaining information and scoring high in exams. I will help you learn how you can take in large amounts of material.

An average Nigerian student would definitely pass the JAMB without much problems. All such a student needs to do is score about 200.  But a future medical student like you would probably go nowhere with that kind of score. That is why you need to know the secrets to study SMART not HARD for the JAMB… And that is exactly what I am going to show you.

The good thing is that all the information in this blog is free.


A lot of students make these mistakes when preparing for the JAMB. Check out these:

  • Panicking because of lack of preparation
  • Lack of knowledge of how JAMB marks
  • Starting to study too late
  • Using ineffective study patterns
  • Using  the wrong books
  • Not using practice examinations
  • Not using review books (very important)
  • Not using effective test-taking strategies
  • Studying material that is hardly tested on the JAMB
  • Not repeating highly tested topics
  • Using only one book

Good news!! All these pitfalls can be avoided. Read through and act on these advice given in this section.

  1. 1. Set your goal

Know what you want. Do you want to just pass, beat the cut-off  or “blast”? The seriousness you attach to succeeding is equal to the intensity of your preparations. Your goal is equal to your efforts. Admissions for medicine are highly competitive and most Nigerian universities have acknowledged their use of JAMB scores in the selection process. In general, most medical schools place a great emphasis

on obtaining a high score 280-300. Therefore if you are seeking admission in these universities to study medicine, you would need to score very high in JAMB.

  1. 2. Make a study scheme

Know your goal and then make out a study scheme. Usually students use between four and eight weeks to prepare for JAMB. Make your study scheme realistic.  Reading Modern Biology in a couple of days is not a realistic!  Give breaks in your study scheme to avoid burnout. Always avoid stress by eating well, exercise, and sleep.

  1. 3. Prepare early

Results from different researches show that the best preparation for board examinations is based on a long-term learning that produces a solid and strong foundation of understanding of basic concepts. I agree that you can prepare for JAMB in just 1 month by cramming, but you should not do so. What you learn during your SS1 and SS2 should be your basic foundation for JAMB preparation. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the JAMB questions right from when you are in SS1 or SS2. Quiz yourself from time to time. Try to answer the questions and rate yourself.

One very important day in preparing for your JAMB is the DAY BEFORE THE EXAM. Do not study any new material only revise what you have been able to cover. Do not forget that you cannot know everything no matter how hard you study. But be confident, never underestimate yourself.

Some students may find it hard to sleep the night before the exam. Make sure you sleep well.

  1. 4. Get a study partner

A good study group will help you reduce stress, organize time, and enable your friends with different strengths to exchange information. You will spend less money on review books if you are in a study group. However, you should avoid study groups that want to play more than study. If a study group does not work for you, get a study partner with whom you can share study ideas.


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